What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

The Journey of a 1000 Miles Begins with the FIRST STEP

While that is true the problem for most of us is that we never looked to see if we were standing on a cliff or not. There are simply a ton of ways to affiliate market and a ton of affiliate programs out there. Every one of them clamoring for you 97$ or 47$ dollars a month. The promise is that if you do exactly what I have done and follow all these steps I will make you rich! Hell, yea I’m in! You give them your hard-earned money and then you get this course. Most times in goes into a closet, it would back in the day anyway. The alternative is that your sign in sits untouched for months. One day though you decide hey I am going to do this, and you really get into the course and study.

Here comes the cliff you dig into this wonderful program and find out that all the guy sold you was things you can easily find on the internet yourself. All he did was wrap it up into a package that looks official and gave it to you. What you soon discover is that this program in no way is going to help you really make money all it may do is help you find a place to buy a website and where your Facebook login is. You have been scammed and by this time the guy has disappeared off the internet.  

The other version goes like this. All the steps you must follow require you to invest more money. Now you feel kinda cheated and really want to send this guy a nastygram. The issue is he delivered on what he truly promised, he showed you the way to make money like he or she did. So, you figure that you didn’t necessarily get scammed, but you are not feeling good about your purchase. It’s been months so you really can’t expect a refund. What do you do how do you get the same type of life that the guru that sold you this program has? Unfortunately, that is now going to take work and lots of it.

How Do I Find a Better Program?

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Well this is my advice I have looked at so many programs online and what I have found is that most are similar. The differences are small however they are significant. For example, the program above, Legendary Marketer has a coaching team that you can contact and get assistance and guidance with issues you may be having with the program. However, that is not the only reason that I am a part of the program. I became an affiliate of Legendary Marketer because of the potential to earn money with the program. The program has many people that are already in the program making sales day after day and they are getting commissions of up to 50% of the price. So, a $36-dollar product pays $18 in commissions which is great. This means I must sell less to make more, if you know what I mean. In other words, if I have a $10 product, I must sell a 100 to make a $1000. If I have a $100-dollar product I only need to sell 10 see the difference.


There are also several other programs with support teams not phone support like Legendary mostly chat and chat bot AI. I really like Click Funnels it as well has a great support team and a couple of great ways to make money. One of them is you can affiliate market Click Funnels. The other way is to use Click Funnels to setup sales funnels for your own product and make money that way. It is almost limitless when you use Click Funnels. Not to mention the training courses for Click Funnels are exactly what you need to know to make funnels no fluff just straight to the point. So, you can make sales faster.

Other than the two I mentioned, look for a program that has a great team. One that has been around a while in a niche that isn’t completely saturated. Also look for program that pays while you learn and make sure you are getting good high-ticket commissions. It doesn’t make sense to have a great product and team if you must sell a million pieces to make a $1000. I would also investigate the past of the CEO and see what they have done in the past and I mean get out the shovel and really dig. This way if they have ever been involved in a scam before, you will be able to see that and not get involved. However, make sure that they were responsible for the scam and didn’t have a garbage partner that took them for a ride.

Programs That I Like and Trust

These programs are trustworthy and have delivered on what they promised to deliver on. I have been paid commissions on all these programs in different amounts. Its simple math you market and sell one of the programs and they pay you a hefty commission. 

You probably won’t get rich overnight no one ever does, but if you work at it and follow the training these companies have then you will eventually, if you stick to it, probably make some money. Unless you just sabotage yourself and don’t do the work then you will stay broke. I know this because I have been there either waiting for the perfect time to strike so much that I got paralysis by analysis. Either that or I just got frustrated and said well Ill get to it tomorrow and tomorrow never came.

It was really a hard thing for me to start an online business purely because I was told that they were all scams. All I knew was I would sign up for this work from home gig and then I would get flooded with emails that I never bothered to read. It never really sunk in until one day I listened for once to a presentation that put me on the right track. I took the advice studied the programs out there like a detective on a homicide case and picked the ones that I thought were the best and went to work.

My hard work has paid off, not as much as I want it too. I know though that I will reach my goal its pretty lofty. I want to be a billionaire, yes with a B. I know that sounds crazy, but you must start somewhere, and you should definitely start here.

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