I Dont Have The Time or The MONEY

I get this statement from people all the time, tell me if you’ve heard it? “I don’t have the money; I don’t have the time.” Well there is a reason that they don’t have the time or money and that is because they don’t have the time or money. Now you are like what the heck are you talking about. Well the reason they don’t have time or money is because they never take the time to try and make money. Listen, once you start making money on your own without a leash you will feel freer then you ever have. The only way to start making money is to get it in your head that you can do it, or you are able too. The stinking thinking of I don’t have time or money are the crushing factors that destroy a business before it even starts.

However, if you change your mind set to, I must make it. I will do whatever it takes to make it in my business and in my life. Then you will start to see a change that is unexplainable. You will start to feel free even though you may be working 90 hours a week trying to build your business. Money will not be an issue for you anymore because your passion will take over. Believe me you have the time and money to change your lifestyle.

 I am going to get really crazy here for a minute, but what I tell you will still be true. I admire Drug dealers, not because of what they do, but because of how they do it. Yes, they have an illegal business, none the less it is a business. They know how to sell; they know how to build a huge customer list that always wants what they have. They don’t use the excuse I don’t have the time or money because they really need to make money period. Well if you take the product out of the equation and simply use the same tactics, they use to sell your product then you will sky rocket to success. You can learn a lot from people you would most likely never think to associate with. Now I am not telling you to make friends or network with drug dealers. What I am telling you though is their work effort and sales tactics are some of the best around lol!


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In case you think you need some novel idea that no one else has, to create a business than think again. The most successful people on the planet have done nothing but copy what others have done. Don’t believe Jeff Bezos started out selling books. Bill Gates took his ideas from Steve Jobs or so the rumor goes. Warren Buffet dabbled in the stock market “nothing new here”. The difference in these people and you are they took a risk and they made time and money.

What is the reason you get out of bed in the morning wouldn’t you love for it to be something you love?

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