Am I Marketing the Right Affiliate Product?

Sometimes it is hard to know if you are marketing the right product with your affiliate marketing offers. You may pick a product that you are sure can win, however after running ads split testing and banging your head against the wall it fails. This problem is what actually makes most marketers quit and then ultimately have a bad taste in their mouth for affiliate marketing. Why because you didn’t actually pick a winner. You spent money advertising and didn’t have a great ad or headline that attracted attention, and no one showed up to but the product. The other reason is that the product is just not scalable this happens a lot.

How Can I Know I have the Right Affiliate Marketing Product?

Well that is the question isn’t it, and I can’t tell you exactly how to pick it. No one can we all have different talents and our knowledge of products is often very different. However, what I can tell you is what I use to come to a decision for my products.

1. Is the product valuable and is it something that I would actually use?

What I mean by this is, is the product something that can provide more value than it is worth to the person buying the product. Nothing will kill an offer faster then returns and bad reviews. Is it something that I am interested in and believe in or use myself? I the product is not something that you will use or already have then how can you stand behind it. In other words, if you are just pushing it to make money you will not be passionate about it and it will show. This will devalue a great valuable product simply by you not putting forth the effort you would towards something you love.

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2.What is the cost of the product and the projected ROI?

You must weigh the cost of goods sold or what it cost you to get the product to market. With affiliate marketing this is very low almost nonexistent. Mostly because you are selling someone else’s product and it is up to them to deliver. All you must consider is the costs of the ads that you are going to be running. Now ads can actually be very costly for a new product that has no authority behind it especially a digital product like a course on affiliate marketing. See below the one that I trust. So, it is good to get a copywriting course and learn how to run ads to targeted audiences so that you get the most CPC or Cost Per Click.

3.Does the product provide long term value and is it sustainable?

Everyone remembers the fidget spinner fad. This little ADHD annihilators took off like a rocket. However, they did not stay around long. Why because they were a fad, you can still find them around and Amazon still sells them but, I can guarantee you that the commissions are minimal compared to what it was and make it not worth the time or ad costs. However, if you get in early you make the windfall so pay attention to that. Now if you can affiliate market something is always a fad like clothing and you are good at writing the ads, your headlines draw humans to your ads like a bug to a porch light, then you will have a sustainable product. Now is its long term of course unless we see a drastic shift in culture people will always need clothing, you will just have to stay on top of the trends. What if it was something you could only make a 1000 of? Well then it is not very sustainable, you may still be able to sell it just make sure that the commissions are higher than Snoop Dogg. This will make money however the products you really want are long term money makers.

High ticket or Low Ticket?

I would love to say that everything I sell it high ticket and the money just keeps rolling in. The issue is that high ticket items make money they just don’t make the quantity. Making money with high ticket items is the best way to make money though because it takes less work to make more money. So, if you can get a great sustainable high-ticket item that sells well than hang onto it like your first love. If you are unsure of what a great high-ticket offer looks like, then look below. High ticket commissions can pull you through some tough times when you really aren’t doing well and one of those big commissions hits and bam you are back in the game. Now you can make great money on low ticket offers and they will make you a great deal of money the issue is instead of having to sell one or two items you may have to sell 1000 to make any real money especially at a 4% commission. Let me explain most high-ticket items have high commissions 30-50% unlike low ticket items that are 2-10% at the most. So, you sell 2 $2500 items at a 50% commission and you make $2500. However, the same week you sell 1000 low ticket $25 items at 5% commission. You will make $1250 however it took 500 times the amount of sales. So, you must decide what is the best for you. I do a mixture of both and it works for me. Some months are better low ticket, and some are better high ticket. It is totally up to what you want to make.

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Affiliate Marketing can make you lots of money or cost you lots of money. Taking the right steps can help you become successful. It really isn’t difficult and when it clicks for you the internet becomes your ATM. It takes skill and knowledge also a good education and the course you see in this blog are the best for that.

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