How to Make Money Online

There are several ways to make money online many of them are very easy and simple to perform. Although the programs that can make you any real money take time and effort to start and scale. The programs that you can start making money right away have very simple tasks for you to perform, however they pay very small amounts of cash. Programs that take time and effort are often the ones that actually become a real business for you. These programs can actually make you a full-time income if not much more. I will provide examples of these programs later in this blog. However, I have found 3 very good programs that you can use to make money with right away.

Make Money Online Fast

Some examples of these sites are Usability Testing Sites. These sites will ask you to perform tasks online. Most of the time the tasks are for you to read a question aloud, perform the task, then answers questions about the task. Most of these sites are going to want to record your voice while you perform the tasks. The company will then forward this information to the company that hired them to perform the test. Once your test is approved you could make anywhere from 10-20 dollars per test. Examples of these sites are TryMyUI, Userbilla, Validatey, Applause, Userzoom, etc.

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You can also make money using survey sites. However, this is a great deal of work for a very small amount per survey. Some of these companies will actually pay out in cash while others want to pay with gift cards. I have performed surveys like this to make money purely with the sole purpose of confirming that the sites do pay. Guess what they actually do pay you. The issue is a lot of these survey sites can take you down a rabbit hole that gets you into a survey that takes forever. In my opinion that is simply not worth my time for the money. If you have lots of time though and very little money this could help you make a small living. Some examples of survey sites are Swagbucks, Surveyjunkie, Inboxdollars, etc.

Make Money Online Network Marketing

Back in the old days your parents of maybe even you if your old enough, might have been invited to a business meeting. This meeting was dressed up as a way to start a business that could make you serious money. You could make money beyond your wildest dreams. The only issue was that most people had to work hard to make money and most would give up shortly after joining the program. You know the ones I am talking about Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware. These companies came up with a genius idea to sign up distributors and pay them large commissions on items sold. So instead of having a 10-person sale team for the company they had 1000’s of sale people. Now these people weren’t professional salespeople but most times they could actually get people to join. Well today you no longer must go door to door or hold parties and meetings at your house. The internet provides the greatest sales platform in the world and with a little hard work and effort you can build a downline for these companies that would rival Eric Worre. These companies were actually the first affiliate marketers to exist and if you think they are fly by night companies, Amway made 8 billion dollars last year, yes billion with a B! This may be something your interested in and if so, I encourage you to use the power of the internet to network market yourself to a full-time income.

Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

This is my absolute #1 best way to make money online. Why you ask? Affiliate marketing has no constraints it doesn’t lock you into one product or service. It allows you to pick from millions of niches to find the one that you can really be passionate about and make money with. That is why I love it so much no restrictions. There are three programs that I really like, and they are in no order here and I am not ranking them they have just worked for me.

Click Funnels Affiliate Program

I first got to know about Click Funnels through another affiliate program that I had joined, I was trying to learn how to make a sales funnel. So, after some serious research and testing I came across a guy named Russel Brunson. At first, I thought he may have been on cocaine, because he seemed like he was about to burst out of his skin. However, what I soon realized was that Russel was just excited because he had a genuine product that was providing real results. So, I signed up for a copy of Russel’s DotCom Secrets book and when it arrived, I stuck it in line with some other books I was reading. So, it took me a while to read it, but something kept telling me to pick it up. That day I looked over at the book from my desk and said well I’ll read the first chapter and then read a little more later. Yea right, I read the first chapter and did the rest of my work later ha-ha. This book had more information about internet marketing, value ladders, sales funnels, and marketing then all the books I read on the subject combined. I mean what an incredible read. I decide that day to become a Click Funnels affiliate. Like many others it started out slow and it took work, but I am on my way to a new car. Oh yeah if you get 200 people to join, Click Funnels will pay for a new car of your choosing. Also by that time you will be making a full-time income just from your Click Funnels affiliate account.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer is the very first affiliate training program that I got involved with. The owner of the company come to find out was a heroin addict and was broke. Well at least until he sobered up and became the creator of Legendary Marketer. The man’s name is Dave Sharpe. He is in my opinion a marketing genius and the Legendary Marketer program is bar none when it comes to affiliate marketing training. It is a bit pricey for some of the courses I will admit, but what is your education worth. Legendary Marketer also has a great set of coaches and people who love the program that are willing to help. Is it a get rich quick scenario, Uh hell no. It took me two months to get my first commission of 18 dollars. I was furious, I wanted to kill my coach and Dave Sharpe. What really pissed me off is that when I asked them for help, they told me to follow the system. This infuriated me I wanted to quit, however I actually listened and followed the system all the way to my very stubborn success. So, I looked like the idiot in that situation and of course had to apologize to my coach. So, don’t be surprised if you follow this system and create a successful business with it. Most will quit before they succeed but if you stick to Legendary Marketer you may succeed. I can’t tell you that you will cause my lawyers would hang me, but I have, and I love the program, the people, and the monthly direct deposit.

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John Crestani Super Affiliate System

John Crestani got fired from his job and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs of today. John makes ridiculous money, just watch the video that John does in his webinar and you will see more money on his table then most have made in their lives. If you are looking for a program that has no risk and has a guarantee that you will make back exactly what you put into it or you will get a full refund, than this is your course. This program will teach you most of the principles that the other two I mentioned in this post will. However, there are some things that John can teach you that the other two wont and vice versa. That is why I said these programs are not ranked I just like all of them because they are great courses and great ways to make a long-term income for you and your family. John’s course is a little cheaper than the others and like I said it comes with a complete money back guarantee if you don’t make at least the money back that you put into it. You will also get some of the most comprehensive ads training with John that most don’t deep dive into. That is worth 10 times what I paid for the course

It Only Works If You Work It

No, I am not talking about a rehab program or AA, I am talking about your business. No matter how you choose to make money online you are most likely going to see failure most do. The ones that don’t give up are the ones that get the big checks at the end of the month, every month and can brag about passive income. Is it really passive though, I say no, but that is my opinion? You must know what you are doing to build a business and that takes study. You also must work hard to build a business and that takes work. So passive is not really a word I like to throw around lightly. The only passive income I can relate too is the stock market or investments I don’t have to touch, that’s passive. Everything else is passion income from me kicking butt and taking names ha-ha. I can honestly tell you that I was broke and had to borrow money to get into my first program, but it was worth every penny and I would do it again and again. Hell, even if I didn’t make a penny the education was worth 10 times what I paid. I would encourage you to get one of these programs above or grab yourself a survey or two and save the money to get these programs and get freed from your 9-5. I am the Affiliate Farmer and the owner of JHC Limited check out my YouTube channel and my Blog, also let’s connect on Social Media.

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