How Do I Advertise Online?

There are several ways to advertise online and many different platforms. You can start with Google which is the #1 ranked search engine in the world. YouTube is another great way to advertise, it is owned by Google and ranks #2 in search engine use. These two are great ways to advertise however so is social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. There is also search engines like Bing who now owns Yahoo. The how though is the question well I suggest you get a clear direction on what you want to advertise. What is your product? How well does it sell? Does it sell well enough in the short term to make money after advertising costs? If not, can I organically advertise it to make enough to start paid advertising? Who and what type of people will be interested in the product? Finally, what is the best platform to advertise with?

What is the Product?

It is very important to know your product. It is also equally important to use your product. In the same way a customer would use your product you should also use your product. Why is that important? It is important because if you have not used the product and if you don’t know the product well then how can you be passionate to sell it. Remember getting someone to buy something is almost a completely emotional decision. If you are not passionate about your product then how do you expect to drive enough desire in someone to want to purchase the product. You could make sales, I am sure you just wouldn’t make as many as if you had a fire burning inside you for the product. What sells? As many of you many know already or maybe you don’t what sells is the story. The story that you are able to tell from experience with the product and what it has done to improve your life or solve your problem. That is why product selection is so very important

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How well does it sell?

How well a product sells is critical to your bottom line obviously. If you have a product that you believe will take the world by storm, but it doesn’t sell the you may need to rethink the product. People have all kinds of interests and hobbies. Some of these interests are shared by others no doubt however they just don’t sell. You also may have a great product that sells all the time. However, the market is so saturated with competition that you can’t sell very much and you burnout shortly after starting. Therefore, you must know how well the product sells. Not only how well it sells but how saturated is the market that you are trying to sell in. Its true that toothpaste sells like crazy but, unless I have discovered some kind of revolutionary new whitening cavity curing no dentist ever needed again toothpaste then this is a market, I may not want to sell in. Even if it is my life’s passion toothpaste may not be the best way to go for a product. However, if I found a new floss that cleans my teeth twice as good as any other and competition is fair, then I can sell that product instead.

If I Can’t Afford Advertising Costs How can I Organically Advertise

Organic advertising although free is the slowest way to begin getting sales. I know that sucks right, well maybe not. Organic advertising may take longer but once it is established it is 100% profit. There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to start a blog. Once you have started the blog you can start to write on topics that are popular that will start to rank you in the search engines. There are ways to look for articles that are like yours so that you can get ideas on what to write. You can even copy the style of articles however don’t plagiarize. You can also search for articles like the one you want to write and see what the top-ranking articles are like and make them better. How you ask? By looking at something that the article didn’t cover that yours will. Better and more information equals higher ranking. You can also do social posts of your articles from your blog on Facebook or Instagram etc. When one of your friends or friends of friends looks then you get hits to your site which produces more ranking authority for your site or blog. You can also use social posts to show off your product. You can also use social posts to tell a story about how much your product has changed your life. Another great way to get traffic from organic advertising is to start groups inside of social media like Facebook. Groups are gatherings of people who are like minded who like you and your products and will continue to purchase, or are on the fence about purchasing and you can post to the group to help convince them.

How Do I get People to See My Ad?

There are several ways to see what type of people are actually interested in the product that you are selling. Some of your advertising will allow you to see what type of people buy your product and from where in the world. However, I have found that Facebook Business Manager has made a platform that is second to none when it comes to audience demographics. If you have a business page already you can log into Facebook Business Manager. If you don’t have a business page and you expect to have a business, then get a business page. After you have a business page and are logged into business manager you can access a tab called Audience Insights see below.

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Audience Insights will allow you to access the demographics of the people that are interested in the product or topics of the product you are selling. Once you enter the interests into the search the Facebook algorithm takes over and gives you demographics of people who are interested in the product you are selling. So, say you are selling make up not just make up but a certain shade of lipstick. When you are getting demographics be as precise as possible.

So, let’s say we are going broad first you can search for people who are interested in Avon, Mary Kay, MAC, Sephora, etc. Then you can start to narrow that down to people who are interested in lipstick. Again, down by color and when you do it by color depending on the color you may also do it by gender and age. You can also narrow it down to working Moms who use iPhones, but you only want to show the advertisement when they are connected to Wi-Fi.

What is the Best Platform to Advertise On?

Wow! This question is the age-old question and comes with about a gazillion opinions on the matter. Some people will say that Google is the best because it is the number one search engine. Others will say that YouTube is still in its infancy for advertising and video is the best way to go. Then again there is social media and so many people are involved in social media. I will give you my opinion on the matter and let you decide for yourself. Let’s go with Google first. I like Google if someone is searching for your product and your ad shows up at the top then wonderful. However, if someone is searching for something and the ad is in the sidebar not relevant to what they already searched for then it is not a great way to advertise. Social Media is also the same way, when you have a bad case of scrolliosis and you are whizzing through your feed to find something interesting, its not to often you click an ad. Why is that, well because as  new technology-based humans our attention span is shorter, and we are most likely just looking for the next funny cat video. I like YouTube the best. It allows me to have a voice right away when the ad appears on screen and at least 5 seconds to get someone interested before they can skip the ad. If your ad game is strong all you will need is 5 seconds to pique the interest of someone watching the video. Once you do that, they will continue to watch the rest of the advertisement and sales pitch. That is why I like video the best. Videos are also easy to get ranked on the first page in Google. Especially if there are no other relevant videos of the product already there.

Do I need A Course on Copywriting?

You do not need a course on how to write ads however it is a good idea to get one if you have never written ads before. I would also encourage you to write all your video ads first as a script and then study that script to perfection. This way you will sound more knowledgeable when you speak into the camera. You can also look at ads that you know have done well in the past and then use those ads to make your ads from. Don’t copy the ad word for word but use it as inspiration to write an ad in your own words. Nike has the “Just Do It” slogan, this may inspire you to write an ad about perseverance and the motivation not to quit. A good copy writing course will teach you how to make great headlines and grab the attention of potential buyers. It will also teach you how to drive desire in the person to get them to purchase the product. This may already be a gift you possess but if not, I suggest you grab a course. A great place to get that training is below.

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