How to Start and Make Money Affiliate Marketing

In this article I am going to give you the steps to becoming an affiliate marketer. The first question I always get is what is an affiliate marketer? So, here is the answer, an affiliate marketer is someone who sells a product that they do not own or manage. If you have ever seen a single ad on Facebook or a website like the one below then you most likely have seen an affiliate marketing ad. Affiliate Marketing has been around for some time. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, E-Bay, and so on use affiliate marketers to sell their products. This way instead of having salespeople that you would have to pay monthly or provide benefits to, you can use affiliate marketers to sell the products on a commission only basis. This means that instead of a 10-20-person sales team you now have 1000’s selling your product. If you’re looking to increase sales very quickly affiliate marketing is the way.

First Step to Affiliate Marketing Finding a Niche.

A niche is a type of product, service, or category that you have knowledge of that is marketable to others with the same interest or need. If you have an interest in cosmetics or beauty products, then that is a niche you can monetize. Not all things that you may be interested in will be able to be monetized. The simple fact is that some things just don’t sell for enough of a commission to allow you to make a full-time income. Now there are ways to help you choose your niche. You first must think of things that you are interested in, and that you have specific knowledge of. If you cannot think of anything, then get a friend or a relative to help you go through a list of things you like. It could be anything, however the top 5 are beauty, health and wellness, hobbies, outdoor survival, and pets. When you have found a niche for yourself you want to start niching down. What I mean is you want to find a very specific product or course to market. If you are interested in pets, then you niche down to dogs, then again down to dog foods, again down to type, then down to manufacturer etc. So, you don’t just simply market pets you market a very specific type of dog food. Once you have the niche the next step is to start the blog. If you don’t want to website/blog, you can simply send traffic to the offer however you will not have a way to capture any of their contact information. You should always get a way to contact the prospect so that you can remarket to that prospect later.

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Starting a Website or Blog

When starting a website there are several things that you will need to have before you start. You will need a domain name for the site. A domain name is what people type in the address bar of the internet browser to find your site. Do not kill yourself trying to find a name. You can simply use your name or something that pertains to your niche. If you still must have that name no one else has then you can use some simple tools too find it. A thesaurus can help you find alternate words to your search like could also be or In the example below I use These are simple ways to get a name, like I said don’t kill yourself worrying about the name. Next you will need a place to host your website. There are several places to find web hosting. I recommend it is very inexpensive and has a great customer service department that can help you setup the hosting. Make sure that you get a good SSL certificate when you purchase the domain and hosting. This will allow people to see your site as secure. People do not like to shop or give their information to sites that are not secure. See the screen captures below that show how to setup a hosting account.

Enter the name you desire in the box and hit the search to make sure it is available for purchase 

Select the Domains you wish to purchase you may want to get the dot com and dot net it is up to you 

Make sure that you purchase hosting and the SSL certificate as well. Choose a good hosting package it doesn’t have to be the largest one to start. Once you are done purchasing proceed to installing WordPress 

Now you will have to decide what type of website builder that you are going to use. If you are weary and do not feel you can build a website, then you can get help at On Fiverr you will find people that you can pay to build a suite for you without breaking the bank. However, should you choose to build your own which is very easy then you can use WordPress. I recommend using WordPress for any blog it is a very simple setup and it has many users and developers. What this means is that you will have plenty of plugins to help you as you go along. This blog will use WordPress from this point forward for demonstrating. See below the screen captures on how to install WordPress to your site.

Login to your CPanel these directions and login information will be sent to your email when you purchase hosting. Once logged in scroll to the bottom of the page to the installers and install WordPress following the prompts.

Now once you have WordPress installed you will be able to login to your WordPress dashboard. You will have to use the login and password you setup when you installed WordPress. To login to the dashboard of your website the URL will be as follows This will lead you to the login prompt. When you have logged in follow this YouTube tutorial on how to build a website using elementor. It will be very easy to do so if you follow all the steps. If I had to walk you through all the steps contained in this video this blog would be very long so watching the video will get you started.

Sales Funnels Make Sales

The next thing to start learning and building are sales funnels. Sales Funnels direct customers to purchase the product that you are selling. Now there is a school of thought out there that sales funnels are better then websites at selling. I do believe that a sales funnel is more direct with your customer when purchasing a product. It works like a set of directions on a GPS or traffic signs directing them to a CTA (Call To Action). A CTA is a button or link that says BUY NOW, LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE etc. Directing your prospect to do exactly what you want them to do which is purchase or give there contact information. However, if you offer more than one thing you are still going to need a website. You will also not be able to blog or vlog using a sales funnel. Your blog or vlog should direct your prospects directly to a sales funnel. The first thing that you are going to want to capture with the funnel page is a way to re-market to your customer. Believe it or not people may not purchase anything the first time that they visit your site. So, you will need a page to collect an email, name, phone number, etc. You always want to collect contact information before anything else. Why? Because if they don’t buy right away you can re-market and re-target them with different offers. The next page should be a bridge page. On this page you should drive desire for the product that you are selling so that the prospect wants to buy. Your bridge page should have the customer reaching for their wallet or purse. Then the next page is the sales page. This is where the customer will place all the credit card information and purchase the product. In this page you want to sell only the initial product. Get the first sale before offering the up sell. Next page is the order confirmation page this is where you will offer the up sells. What that means is that people who bought the product they are purchasing also purchased a different product or an upgrade. Up sells will increase your sales exponentially. The last page should be the Thank You page with a CTA leading them back to your website. Do not send them back to your offer or initial capture page, send them to a website that has more information about you and your offer. See examples of funnels below.

Capture page example now of course you will want to change it to fit your offer 

Bridge Page or sales page example. Remember this is where you are going to solve the customers problems and drive their desire to buy the product. You want to make them want to hit the button to get this book almost like they can’t help themselves they have to hit it. 

Order Page very simple this page is just to get their billing information. Do not offer up sells here. Just get the initial sale and make it simple. Where should I ship the product and how are you paying and that’s it.  

Order Confirmation page this is where you offer the up sells that you have to offer. 

Finally the Thank You page giving them a timeling when they can expect the product and leqading them back to more amazing offers you have that they may want to see. DO NOT LEAD THEM BACK TO THE SAME OFFER!!!!

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E-MAIL Marketing Makes Money

In the first part of your sales funnel you were able to get the email address of a new prospect. Even if they didn’t buy anything when they first hit your sales funnel or webpage you can still market to them. By them giving you their email, it tells you that it is ok to email them daily with an offer. It takes some people 8-12 times seeing the same offer to buy. I know a marketer that email a guy for 8 years and in the eighth year he finally purchased a product. Insane right? Well that is the power of email marketing. You are not a commercial or a billboard, you have permission to be in this person’s personal space. Electronically anyway don’t get any crazy ideas ha-ha. You will need to get an auto responder to do the job of email for you every day. Especially when you get 1000’s of customers. You can write a whole bunch of emails ahead of time and then set them up to be sent out on different days. Without an email auto responder, you will spend half the day emailing your prospects. If you do that you are my hero, but you will burn out very fast especially if you have more than 25 customers. There are several email auto responders out there. I have used a few but I chose to stay with Get Response. They have several workflow automations and auto responders that I like and find easy to use. I also used Aweber and Send Lane both are great as well. If you are affiliate marketing, I would not recommend that you use MailChimp. As soon as they find out that you are an affiliate marketer your account will get banned. See below an example of how-to setup and email auto responder.

Running Ads for Affiliate Marketing Offers

Ads are a bit of a tricky business especially if you do not have any experience. However, with a little training and a bit of thought and patience you can become a great ad writer. I recommend that if you have never written ad copy before you take a course on copywriting. You can find these courses online on sites like Udemy. These sites provide courses that you can buy for small amounts of money and the training is very helpful and educational. I have purchased a few courses from Udemy, and they were very informative. If you have a product that you know people will buy and you are ready to start selling it then you will need to get it in front of people. There are many ways to do this however you should try and find a way to get the most attention to your offer. How do you do that you might ask, well there are many ways. Ads cost money so I want to get them in front of people that are interested in buying them. I don’t want to show a keto diet ad to people who are looking for ice cream shops. It simply doesn’t make sense. So, I want to use analytics to make sure that my ad is only placed in front of people who want to see it. Facebook Ads Manager has a great tool for this very purpose. You will have to have a Facebook Page and account for your business to access business manager in order to use the Ads Manager tools. This is very easy to setup see tutorial Facebook Business Account Setup.

Ads Manager Audience Insights will look like something like this. This is where you are going to go to find out who is looking at ads like the one you rare running 

You can also use the information obtained from Ads manager to run ads on Google, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, etc. Facebook has a great ads building training tool I recommend you use as well.  I also like to run ads on Bing and the reason I like Bing is because it is a popular search engine. Not only that but when you place an ad on Bing the company reaches out to you to train you on ad placement and they teach you how to use their ad builder. So, once you know your audience you will need to write ads that grab their attention. Video is a great way to do this today coupled with good copy this really sells. I want to concentrate on copy here for this article though. How does an ad grab attention? It gets attention with the headline; this is what gets someone to stop and look. First thing first if you are writing a dog collar ad “dog collars for sale” may grab attention however “Amazing Non-Slip Dog Friendly Collars” will grab a lot more attention. The point is to get people to stop and look. The headline does that.  I have seen headlines that say, “STOP STARVING” “New Diet Produces Massive Weight Loss” See the STOP it grabs attention. If you don’t believe me think to yourself how many times this type of ad grabbed your attention. The headline makes people look. How about the body, well the body should pique interest and drive the desire to buy? In the body you should talk about what problem the product solves. Don’t just tell people how great it is let them know what it can do for them. Something like, does your dog always slip their collar and then it takes you hours to find them, only to find them at the pound. Leaving you to pay the fees and fines to get them back home. Well with thanks to our latest technology the K9000 anti-slip dog collar can make all these problems a thing of the past. You will no longer have to stress and spend hours heartbroken looking for your pooch any longer. Click here for the K9000 collar. This solves a problem and makes people want to buy it. Most people but an item simply because it solves a problem that they have. Always make sure that on your ad or sales page you have a clear CTA. People will not buy something that is not convenient for them to simply click and buy.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Organic Traffic Generation

SEO is a way to drive organic traffic and customers to your offers and its free.  The way that I like to do this is by keyword search and analytics. I search for the product that I am marketing and try to find the keywords that have the most search volume. I use a couple of free SEO tools for this. I don’t recommend buying a keyword tool. First, they are not 100% accurate not even close. So, I use a couple to help narrow it down. I use Keywords Everywhere this is a chrome extension, Ubersuggests, KW Finder, BuzzSumo, and Google. So, say I search dog collars using my keyword research tool, I find that it gets 165,000 searches a month and has 103 million results. That’s very crowded so I will narrow that down. I can see using my keyword research tool that designer dog collars have 12,000 searches a month and 25 million results. Narrowing down my keywords allows me to get keywords that people still search for but with less competition, so I am more likely to rank for them. When you write a blog, you want to use keywords that will rank your articles on page 1 or 2 of search engine. Any deeper than page 3 and you are in internet void that no one hardly looks at. One of the other ways to get your site ranked in search engines is backlinks. These are links from pages that are already ranking on search engines and that have more authority then your site. Let’s say your write an article on the many ways to properly place a collar on your dog. You have done your research and your article has answered questions that you know the top-ranking articles did not. Once you know that your content is better than what you have seen ranked. You can look at who ranks the highest now if it is a blog you may have a hard time getting them to backlink your article because they are your competition. However, say it is someone like PETCO, you can email them with a simple email like below.

Once they backlink to your article you will see it start to jump in the rankings of search engines. However, if you can get PETCO, PetSmart, and American Kennel Club to backlink you will jump even faster and higher.

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