How Do I Split Test an Ad

Do you hate split testing ads, I know that I do? It does not matter what platform I was split testing on I hated it. Until I came up with my best of three method for split testing ads. I must admit this is not very scientific, but man does it work well for me. I used to drown myself in copywriting books, book after book I would study for the perfect ad. Then I would write two ads that I thought were on fire. Place the ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and then crickets. I imagine the old western with the tumble weed going buy. Like the Sahara it was desolate and lonely. Then I tried something new and when I did wow did it work so in this short but sweet blog; I will tell you what I did.

Split Test Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with this Method

Here is what I do! I write three ads that I am sure will catch the eye of my target market. By the way make sure that you are targeting properly. I always say you can’t sell cheeseburgers to vegans so target properly. Anyway, here goes. I write three ads that I think will catch the eye of my target market. I run those three ads at a very low daily rate. Make sure that you select the daily budget for this, you will use the lifetime budget later. I then let the three ads run for 7 days. Taking all the data collected from the ads I pick the ad that has the most conversion. Mostly the one that people have clicked the link the most. I take that add and set it to the side. Let’s call it Ad B from the A, B, C series I ran. The next thing I do is repeat the same test with a new series of Ads lets call them D, E, F, and I pick the best of those three. I do this once again with series G, H, I, and picked the best form those three. Now let’s say the best three were B, D, and I. I take these three and run the same test all over. This brings me to the best one of the Ads that really is an Ad I can depend on to bring me quality customers time after time.

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Some Important Ad Metrics to Know


Remember I just said that I did this to find the best Ad. After people click on the link they still have to opt-in to my offer. I test my capture pages and funnels the same way only this takes a little more time because some Ad and funnel combinations work better than others. However, when you find the ones that work together then you have truly cracked the code and you are off to the races. The only metric I use when I am testing the Ads is do people looking at the Ad click the link have, I driven enough desire, or have I correctly solved their problem. If I have then they will click the link. Sometimes I have Ads they perform almost identically (remember I said this was not very scientific) however done properly will get you close to perfect. The Ad I pick is always the Ad that has the most CTA (Call to Action) link clicks. This is the winner all things being equal. 

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Not all Facebook Ads are Created Equal

Now you must pay attention to the Ads to make sure that you are getting roughly the same impressions and people looking at the Ads. If you have an Ad with 20,000 impressions and 10 clicks compared to an Ad with 10 impressions and 9 clicks you know the winner. If you don’t here’s a clue it’s the one with the 10 impressions it converts higher on average. So just make sure you are properly doing the math. If you don’t know the math divide the number of clicks by the number of impressions and this will give you a number. Multiply that number by 100 and you will get a percentage. 10/20,000=.0005×100=0.05% while 9/10=.90×100=90% see the math 90% is way better than 0.05% don’t you agree if you don’t please go enroll in kindergarten again. I love you but you should not be running ads LOL.

Your Best Ad

Now that you have found your best ad say one Facebook, maybe Google try to run that ad on another platform like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. If it doesn’t perform as well then perform the best of three on that ad platform to come up with a great ad for that platform as well. A great ad can really boost your business it can be the difference between and mediocre month and a great month. I don’t stick with the same ad all the time I rotate the good ones all the time. The reason is after someone sees your ad 1000 times it gets to be a bit annoying and they will most likely block it or report it so be fresh and original. Be interesting in your ads tell a great story or joke like a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says hey why the long face LOL, corny I know but for some reason a little twist or spin on the joke seems to work well. The reason I love the best of three is because it is easy, and I only need to spend a little over $400 dollars a month to get a great ad or set of ads. Not to mention that the whole time I am still getting sales from my ads even the ones that aren’t breaking records.

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