How Can I get more Paying Customers from Facebook?

Wow! Don’t we wish we all knew the answer to that question I can tell you that my life would definitely be a lot better there is no doubt about that. The issue is that all people are buyers you just have to make sure that you have the right product or service. How can you know that you have the right product or service? That’s easy whatever your selling is the right product or service. So now you are totally confused. Just give me a few minutes to explain.

Your Products will Sell

Ok so now that I have your totally undivided and totally confused attention let me tell you what I am talking about. Your products are never the issue when it comes to people purchasing or not. Well unless you are selling yourself and then if you are not a genuine person that could be an issue. However, when it comes to product sales it is not that hard to do. The key to selling your product is having the right customer. What do I mean by that? Well you have to know who wants to buy your product; you can’t sell shampoo to bald men.

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Facebook Finds Customers

Facebook has this super cool algorithm that allows you to pinpoint the right customers. The Audience Insights tab inside of your ad’s manager allows you to target your customers. Now the first time you use it, it will seem exhausting. You will literally add hundreds of data points and seem like you still can’t quite narrow it down enough. That is ok don’t panic. Add as much data as you can fathom and work from there. You can search for the top ranked content for the item you are selling, and grab information from these articles and reviews to add to your data. You can also search Facebook groups with similar interests to your product and add those data points as well. For example, people who are in a group that discusses funnels may also be interested in Builderall or WordPress.

Facebook Custom Audiences

So, once you have narrowed down data inside of insights, or at least driven yourself mad trying to get the perfect audience. You can finally run your Ad and direct people to your offer. Now you may or may not have the right Ad. So, you may want to try a couple just to split test. However, once you have the right bait so to speak and the fish are biting you need to stay in that section of the pond. Now a way to build an even better audience is with the Facebook Pixel. I love this little amazing piece of magical pixy code that Facebook has developed. Why is it so wonderful, well it allows you to capture data from your buyers when they look at your offer. Say a client Joe looks at your offer but doesn’t click the CTA (Call To Action), however Sue looks at the offer and clicks the CTA and opts in. Who is a more likely buyer of your product Joe or Sue? Well we still don’t really know. However, collecting this data is important and I will tell you why. It’s going to help you build a custom audience.

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Retargeting your Custom Audience

Here is the real issue with buyers, they don’t kiss on the first date. Most people unless they are looking for a specific product will not buy the first time; they see the offer. So, when Joe and Sue both see the offer but only Sue opts in, that really doesn’t tell us much. Because most buyers must see the offer an additional 8-12 times before they purchase. The awesome news is now that you have that beautiful almost magical little piece of code attached to your site, you can now retarget them both. Now they wont both be retargeted in the same way. Joe didn’t click so you don’t want to send him an email about hey Joe saw you on the page, but you didn’t take the offer, is there something wrong with you. Joe will literally think what the hell these people are cyber stalking me. You will only want Joe to keep seeing ads for the product and hope that he will opt in. In the meantime, though you will be sending Sue emails letting her know that you love her and want her as a customer whatever that may be. If you want some killer email swipes, click the link below for some free examples. You can also keep your Ads in front of Sue at the same time. Therefore, it is so important to keep building your audience.

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Buyers and their Doppelgangers

Hallelujah!!! I made a sale, that is an awesome feeling. Now if you have everything setup correctly and all goes well you can track this buyer. What do I mean by that? I mean that you want to know what the person that bought your product looks like. NO not what they physically look like but what they digitally look like. Why is that? The answer is simple if you know what this buyer looks like digitally then you can create look alike. A look alike audience is good because it targets other people with your Ads that look just like the person that bought so to speak. So, if Joe comes around after he has seen the Ad another 5 times and buys then Facebook can use his digital footprint to find all his doppelgangers. This is great because then you are able to target a cold/warm market of brand-new prospects. Guess what you didn’t have to do anything for it, Facebook does it automatically if you setup your look alike audience correctly.

Data Is The Key

The more data you have, the more you will increase your chances of a sale. Targeting the correct customers and buyers will be more and more accurate the more data that you collect. You can never have too much data when it comes to running Ads. You may go overboard on your Ad copy and you may even creep some people out by re-targeting them to death however you can never have too much data. The more data you have the bigger the ROI. If you have made the decision to invest in your self and your business to reach the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of then click the link below

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