Driving Traffic to an Affiliate Marketing Offer

Today I made a video that covered some really good tips on how to get traffic to offer that you have on your sites. You can get the VIDEO HERE, believe if your having traffic trouble you want to watch this one. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that you are most likely making when trying to get traffic to your website. Now I want to say that if you are trying to get organic traffic to your site then you need to really get your hands on a great SEO course. There is one below that is one of the best I have ever used and ever seen. SEO or search engine optimization can be very tricky, or it can be simple that depends on you.

If you have been struggling to rank your website and you just can’t get it to move a single spot than you need to change some things. First thing you need to make sure that the content you are putting out is being searched for and that it is relevant to the subject. Second look at your titles and see if they contain keywords that would actually help you rank in Google. Make sure that your site is verified in Google, Bing, etc. Link the site to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Make sure that when you are writing the content for the website that it contains long tail keywords that people are searching for inside of search engines.

Backlinks Are They Important ?

There are a couple of schools of thought on this some believe that they are vital to ranking your site in search engines. While others say that they don’t even try to get backlinks to their sites because they don’t do enough for them. What is a backlink you ask? A backlink is a hyperlink coming from one website to another. In other words, you may own amazon.com and you sell have content for Apple and them like the article, so they link to your site or backlink to your site from their site. What this does is helps you rank higher especially if Apple ranks high and has tons of authority then by proxy you are getting the same attention. Kind of like having a friend with a lot of street cred and by association you have a little of that street cred yourself.

Is it important or not? I look at it like this anything that helps you rank higher in search not matter how small can help you. If you want to get backlinks and you have time to sit down and write content that you believe will perform better than content on the site, you are trying to backlink then go for it. What I mean by that is, you can look for articles that are related to your niche or site. You can take those articles and re-write them to have better more in-depth content. Then you can send the web site owner an email stating that you believe you have a better article and ask them if they would like to put a link to it on their site. Bing instant backlink.

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Keywords Are Life !

So, keywords are to SEO like oxygen is to humans. They are the life blood of the whole process what would a search engine be without keywords. Well it wouldn’t be anything how else would you search for something. It is critical for you to perform keyword research if you are trying to rank in a search engine. Now there is different types of keywords to rank for but a couple I pay most attention too are main keywords, or the exact match to what you are trying to rank for. Another is longtail keywords these are keywords that have other words added. So, the keyword would be CAKE the longtail would be, Bake a CAKE. The other keyword that can be helpful is a negative keyword or a keyword that you don’t want to rank for. If you have a cooking site, you would not want to rank for lipstick even if lipstick is a word you used in your content. Negative keywords are a way of filtering out unwanted clicks. By setting a negative keyword, you tell search engines what searches you don’t want your ads to display for.

So, pay close attention to keywords and do some research you may find that people are searching for a keyword with almost no competition. If you find one of these gems, then you will jump in the search engine rankings like someone who just stepped on a Lego

Should I share My Content

If I must answer this for you then just take you computer with you to the closest bridge and throw it off. YES, you should share everything that you write constantly. When you think people are beginning to hate you because of all the content your sharing then double it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. want you to share content all the time. The more you stay on their platforms the more money they make. Especially if you advertise your content on their platform. Now they will act like Ad police and try to make sure that all the Ads you write are in accordance with their insane policies. However, a good Ad written can skyrocket clicks to your site, you should consider it. Just make sure not to upset the social media police LOL!

You can also share your content to groups so that more people have the chance to see it. Because nowadays a general share inside of social media doesn’t go very far unless it is viral. Believe I have posted some things that even my own mother didn’t get to see, and we are like Facebook related. Bright spot though some guy from China got to see it so that was helpful NOT! Groups are great because they allow people to share new opportunities that everyone in the group is guaranteed to see if they are on social media and if not, they get an alert. So, try to share in groups but don’t get spammy they will kick you.

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