Do You Need an Affiliate Marketing Program ?

Well that is a good question. The answer is absolutely not. You do not need an affiliate marketing program to make money online. You don’t need it to learn about affiliate marketing and how to use it to make money. I know you are thinking is this guy crazy he is shooting himself in the foot right now. I actually am not I want to make sure that everyone has the chance to do what I do without a cost involved. The reason is I hate to see people broke. I hate to see mothers struggling to support their little ones and having to beg for school supplies. This really makes me crazy because I can remember being that kid that would have been over the moon had someone handed me a new notebook for school. If I had gotten the latest sneakers for that new school year it is very likely I would have passed out.

I can however tell you that most things that aren’t invested in, go into a closet or the interverse cabinet and are never seen or heard from again. So, if you must put money down on a course you will have more incentive to learn from it. You will also be on the fast track because the course owner has a vested interest in your learning. The more you learn form their course the better the testimonial.

Why Are Free Courses Ignored?

As I stated before anything that is not invested in just doesn’t carry any weight. Speaking of weight how many Bowflex machines do you see being used a clothes hanger lol. So, anything free might as well be invisible unless the user truly cares to learn. There is also a school of thought that if it is free it must not be worth anything. That is simply not true I cannot tell you how much great information I have gleaned from free courses, videos, blogs, etc. You are wise to go and grab all the free information you can and get started. Then once you make some money you can invest into a great course that will go even deeper into what you want to learn about. If you can find a program like below with a team of coaches well that is just icing on the cake.

So instead of playing that free game you got crushing candy grab yourself some free education. Believe it or not the people that are on YouTube are not crack pots well most of them anyway. Of course, they are there to make money and to get their channel subscriptions to grow, but they are giving tons of free amazing content. Check out my channel for free amazing affiliate marketing training.

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Buyer Beware

Now some people may use free systems in order to get enough money to buy a program only to find out that the program sucks. I mean sucks out loud and this is unfortunate because you feel cheated and I understand. I once gave a guy $5000 to get me leads. Not only did I not get any leads, but I didn’t even get any clicks and when I confronted him the only response I got was “I got screwed too”. Just be careful that the guy or gal promising you the life of freedom has been around a while and you can actually physically talk to some of the people that are already in the program. Make sure whoever you talk to is honest if they tell you the program is flawless and guaranteed hang up the call and look again. No program is without flaw I have learned more from $45-dollar programs then I have $2500 programs, it happens.

So do your research getting a money back guarantee is also a good thing. Just make sure to read the fine print so you know what the stipulations are in order to get your money back if needed. Some programs say they have a money back guarantee, and you have to strictly adhere to their policy to get your money back if it fails. I do like these programs and the reason is it’s a no brainer if you do everything they say, and it fails you get your money back and you get free training. Kind of a win win if you ask me.


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