Affiliate Marketing Truth

Affiliate Marketing is not a difficult thing to start and turn into a thriving internet business. I can tell you that most of the time it is simply writing or recording you talking about something you already know or are passionate about. Most people don’t realize that with very little effort you can have a thriving business.

I know there are a 1000 and one programs out there that promise you they can help you make money, and some even guarantee that they will force you to make money. The issue with all of this is that most of them give you a program and say complete the training and never go any further to help you than that. In other words when you are really in need of help and are totally lost, they tell you to follow the training. Here is the problem with that not all people learn the same. Some people can learn from verbal instruction, some have to be shown, sometimes many times. While others need to see a video, etc.

People Aren't Always as They Portray

I know a lot of people that have joined a program and failed, simply because people did not take the time out to help them properly. When the people fail and say the program didn’t really help, the program owner simply says well, “they didn’t put in the work”.  That is really a cop out that I hate it really bothers me.

I know you have heard of these programs, “hey come be our affiliate we will train you how to make a funnel, email market, the works all you have to do is sign up and make money”. However, they leave out the part where they train you to only sell what they are offering and use you for the ad spend. Now of course you will make money if you follow the training and run the ads the program tells you too. However, will that work for the other things you want to affiliate market, or are they just getting you to be a marketing agency for them on commission. NOT A BAD IDEA FOR THEM!!!

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With all things in this life people have to make money,  affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it for very little investment. I don’t want you to think that I am bashing any programs here I am not. I just urge you to be careful before you spend 2000 plus on a program that is only worth $19/month. For the exact same training. If you want to learn affiliate marketing at a great price and have access to a pro that will answer all your questions for free than click here

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