Affiliate Marketing Training with Personal Business Plan Advisers

When you are looking for an affiliate marketing or digital marketing course you are looking for someone with experience. Why is it so important to have someone with the right experience to advise you along the journey? Well most of the affiliate marketing training these days has a couple of videos and truth be told most are step by step. However, the issue is, what happens if I don’t understand what the talking head is talking about in the video. In most cases you are simply stuck and can’t move on. I know that most of the time you would just move on to the next video and see if you can discover it there. You may also watch the video 100 times and still be lost. What do you do, you paid good money for the course? Well you could reach out to the person you bought it from. This would be great if they existed, well they do they just don’t answer emails for 6-10 days. This can be very frustrating! So, therefore I always look for programs that have advisers and customer support staff. I have found one of these great programs below and to this day haven’t seen one that comes close to this one.

Looking for a great adviser?

Why Should I have a Business Plan Adviser

I know that the thought of having an adviser is very exciting. However why is it so important to have someone to help you in your business that has already been there and made the mistakes. A Business Plan Adviser can stop you from making big mistakes in your business. They can help you formulate plans that they know already work. Why would you want to re-invent the affiliate marketing or digital marketing wheel if you could simply follow the direction of an adviser with experience. I know that you probably are thinking I got this I don’t need no stinking adviser well good luck to you. The reason I chose to keep a mentor or adviser on my speed dial is because when I come to a chasm, I can’t cross I have a secret weapon to get me to the promise land.

Looking for a great adviser?

How Can a Business Plan Adviser Help Me?

A business plan adviser can help in many ways. First, they can advise you on where to start with your business plan. They can also point you in the right direction for registering and getting your business properly filed with the state or country you live in. They can also help you plan your business. What doe that mean. Well you need to plan certain specific key points to get your business started. Things like who are your target customers or market. Where can I find them. How can I attract them to my product and or service? Where should I start with a budget. How much cash will I need to start and maintain the business. Could I cut some costs that are no necessary? Why are my goals with this business not only what do I want to make in the years to come, but how do I serve my clients? How do I serve my clients so that I am the only service they want or consider using? A good adviser can help you with all of this.

Looking for a great adviser?

How Do I find a Good Adviser?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer. You always want to look for someone who has been in business and has made money doing the exact same thing you want to do. A professor simply cannot help you with this. There is an old saying “Those who can’t do teach!” So, you always want to look for someone who has been in the trenches and has found a way to make money. I am not talking about a little money I am talking about a lot of money. You may be able to befriend an adviser and get a mentor for free. I will tell you this though, most advisers will cost you a little money. Why is that? Well because people who are successful in business normally don’t give up great advise without charging. I also believe that people who wants stuff for free are not in the right mindset to build a business. If you want great advice, then be prepared to pay handsomely for it and you should. So just make sure to do your due diligence on the adviser and make sure he is who he says he or she is. Believe me you will not have to look hard to find out if they are legit or not.  

Looking for a great adviser?

Be Honest with Your Content (NO FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT)

It is important to be honest with the content you are putting out. Nothing will kill your credibility faster than your followers realizing that you are not who you say you are. Like I said if you are in the weight loss niche then be honest about your results. If you never weighed 300lbs then dropped to 175lbs don’t say that. Another big issue is just getting into a niche because you think it will make you money WRONG!!!! If you are not a believer in what you are putting out it will show, people will lose trust in you and your following will tank. I never do income proof on my videos or blogs and people may ask why. That’s simple because when I started, I didn’t make crap my highest month was about $200 dollars. Now it’s considerably larger today however I don’t want people to think that is normal because it is not, it takes work and dedication. Never fake it till you make it be honest, even when you have haters continue to be honest. It is to your benefit really, because anyone who knows everything about you and still follows you is a true believer.

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Make Your Content Better

Do your research and make your content better than your competition. It is not hard to find the highest-ranking blog post for your niche. Once you do study it and pick it apart find places to improve it and do just that. This way the content you are giving to you followers is the best that can be found on the internet. Always, and I said this previously in the post however it bears repeating always give value. Give something that is tangible, something that can be implemented and used for their benefit. There are a ton of people putting out content on the internet however the only one’s people see are the ones that give the best value. For example, I can tell you in this post that Instagram stories are a better way to put out content to your followers than a simple post. Why, because people want to interact with you and your story is a great way to do that. Even better than that I could add that IGTV is very hot right now and is one of the hottest ways to put out content when combined to your story with a swipe up CTA (Call To Action). I just gave you some great value in three sentences and enticed you to follow me closer for more great information.  This is what you need to do, Content is Key don’t let anyone tell you different.  

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